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About AniQare

AniQare is a family and proprietor-run company, which stands for unconditional reliability and partnership. The roots of AniQare lie in animal husbandry, and we have specialist knowledge of the requirements of farmers, breeders and animal lovers. 

With its animal expertise, AniQare offers retailers and end customers an extraordinarily wide and high-quality product and individual service range at extremely attractive prices, ensuring that all of your needs are met, for productive livestock and horses right through to family pets.

Agricultural Supply

AniQare offers a huge range of products including: feed, fertiliser, supplements, animal health, dairy hygiene, farm equipment and clothing, all at competitive prices!

We are able to provide a range of quality-assured own branded products, through partnership sourcing of selected products.

Pet Supply

Pets are a joy for many people. And you should pay alot of attention to your dogs/cats, etc. Nice toys, the best food or a nice place to sleep in? AniQare has it all!